Joseph Isaacs, Founder & Managing Partner


Mr. Isaacs founded ISG-Telecom Consultants Int'l. shortly after the Telecom Act of 1996 was passed in April 1996. His business insight regarding the telecom industry and "next generation" telcos has enabled him to create a total "turn-key solutions" firm that is not only leading, but taking the industry by storm. Mr. Isaacs brings extensive telecom & business expertise to the organization. As Founder and President he is responsible for all the day-to-day operations of ISG; including sales, marketing, contracts, project managers, strategic alliances & partnerships and public relations. During its heyday, in 1996, Mr. Isaacs had aligned ISG-Telecom with all of the industry leaders for equipment, regulatory and back-office elements. In 1998, Mr. Isaacs helped formulate the ISP/CLEC market as we know it today, and was responsible for bringing the equipment manufacturers into it. Mr. Isaacs has sat on the Board of Directors and Advisory Councils of many new next generation CLEC's.

Mr. Isaacs has personally been involved in the negotiations of over 500 Interconnection & Resale Agreements, drafting of hundreds of federal and state CLEC/IXC filings & tariffs along with negotiations of resale, long distance term & volume agreements and collocation agreements nationwide. He has worked with every ILEC and RBOC including Bellsouth, Verizon, Sprint, Qwest, Bell Atlantic, SBC & Ameritech on agreements and client account issues.

As one of the major innovators of the ISP/CLEC market, Mr. Isaacs has been called upon to speak frequently on the ISP/CLEC subject nationally. Subjects include "How & Why to be a CLEC", "Convergent Service Solutions for the New Millennium", "Taking the Plunge from ISP to ISP/CLEC", "Revenue Streams for the ISP/CLEC", "Procedures and benefits of becoming an ISP/CLEC".

NATIONWIDE REGISTER'S WHO'S WHO IN EXECUTIVES AND BUSINESS has included Joseph M. Isaacs for appearance in the 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003 and the 2003-2004 Editions.

NATIONWIDE REGISTER'S WHO'S WHO wishes to extend its congratulations to JOSEPH M. ISAACS. The intent of the NATIONWIDE REGISTER'S WHO'S WHO IN EXECUTIVES AND BUSINESS is to notify all who read this announcement that this individual has reached an exceptional level of recognizable success in the telecommunications field for his leadership, insight, creativity and business expertise.

Mr. Isaacs’ prior background consists of having the position of interim CEO, Advisory Counsel and 20+ years consulting to fortune 500 companies in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, telecommunications solutions and legal issues. Previous to ISG-Telecom, Mr. Isaacs consulted with major fortune 500 companies and he was responsible for set-up and deployment of a number of new businesses/markets. Mr. Isaacs is an expert in the launch of new products and markets . He has worked in launching new and successful entities in the telecom, food service, construction, real estate and international distribution industry sectors. Mr. Isaacs' diversified background includes many areas such as: lregulatory issues, corporate structures, contract negotiations, accounting, international purchasing, worldwide distribution channels, sales analysis, cost analysis, cost management, cost auditing, business and financial planning, new product launch, public relations, advertising, marketing and market analysis, telecommunications, sales and management training.

Contact Information:         Office: 727.738.5553
                                    Facsimile : 727.939.2672

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