The DSL Sourcebook - Third Edition
The Comprehensive Resource On Digital Subscriber Line Technology
©2000 Paradyne Corporation

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Table of Contents, Foreword, and Preface (141K)

Chapter 1 - Introduction A Case for DSL. (506K)

Chapter 2 - The Existing Copper Wire Infrastructure Telephone Company Networks, The Access Network, Dedicated T1/E1 Access Using the Local Loop Network, and Private/Campus Networks. (111K)

Chapter 3 - DSL Basics Basic DSL Concepts, Attenuation and Resulting Distance Limitations, Advanced Modulation Techniques Minimize Attenuation, Bridged Taps, The Effects of Crosstalk, Asymmetry Allows Us to Take Advantage of the Environment, The Application Switch from Video to Data, and Continuing Developments in DSL. (298K)

Chapter 4 - DSL System Components Adding Data to the Traditional Voice Network, DSL-Based Services and Components, A Word About Next-Generation DSLAMs, End-to-End Network Management Component, and But This Isn't The Whole Story. (268K)

Chapter 5 - Market Evolution and Deployment Realities Market Direction, Deployment Statistics to Date, Deployment Realities, and The New Regulatory Environment. (242K)

Chapter 6 - Emerging Services and Applications An Access Technology for the New Century, Channelized T1/E1 Services, IP Services - The Arrival of Internet-Based Networking, Frame Relay Services, Frame Relay Over DSL and Service Level Management, Asynchronous Transfer Mode Services, Private/Campus Networks, and The Next Wave: Voice Over DSL Services. (836K)

Chapter 7 - Network Models The Need for Multiservices, DSL-Based Services Reference Model, Frame Relay Services Provisioning, Nx64 Services Provisioning, IP/LAN Services Provisioning, IP/LAN Services Provisioning Using a Layer 2 Model, IP/LAN Services Provisioning Using a Layer 3 Model, IP/LAN Services Provisioning Using an ATM Model, An Overview of Issues for IP/LAN Services, A Word about Virtual Private Networks, ATM Services Provisioning, and Multiservices Architecture. (995K)

Chapter 8 - Sourcebook in Review In Closing, Considerations for DSL Deployment Initiative, Common Questions and Answers About DSL, About Paradyne, and Next Steps. (106K)

Glossary Defines acronyms and terms used in this document. (84K)