Term Definition
ACAC Access Customer Advocacy Center
ACNA Access Customer Name Abbreviation
ACT Activity
ACTL Access Customer Terminal Location
AENG Additional Engineering
AFO Additional Forms
AGAUTH Agency Authorization Status
AI Additional Point of Termination Indicator
AIN Advanced Intelligent Network
ALBR Additional Labor
ALT IMPCON Alternate Implementation Contact
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
ANI Automatic Number Identification
APOT Additional Point of Termination
ASOG Access Service Ordering Guidelines
ASR Access Service Request
ATC Access Tandem Carrier
ATDS Access Ten Digit Screening
AUTHNM Authorization Name
BAN1 Billing Account Number 1
BAN2 Billing Account Number 2
BAPCO BellSouth Advertising and Publishing Corporation
BFR Bona Fide Request
BI1 Billing Account Number Identifier 1
BI2 Billing Account Number Identifier 2
BILLCON Billing Contact
BILLNM Billing Name
BLDG Building
BPSN BellSouth Public Switched Network
BST BellSouth Telecommunications
CABLE ID Cable Identification
CABS Customer Access Billing System
CARE Customer Account Record Exchange
CC Company Code
CCM Circuit Capacity Management
CCNA Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation
CDS Connectionless Data Service
CFA Connecting Facility Assignment
CFTN Call Forward To Number
CHAN/PAIR Channel/Pair
CHC Coordinated Hot Cut
CIC Carrier Identification Code
CKR Customer Circuit Reference
CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Company
CLLI Common Language Location Identification.
CMC Cellular Mobile Carrier
CNA Customer Name and Address
COWG Central Office Work Group
CPG Circuit Provisioning Group
CRIS Customer Records Information (Integrity??) System
D/TSENT Date and Time Sent
DAAS Directory Assistance Access Service
DACC Directory Assistance Call Completion
DADAS Direct Access to Directory Assistance Service
DADS Directory Assistance Database Service
DBAC Database Administration Center
DDD Desired Due Date
DDDO Desired Due Date Out
DFDT Desired Frame Due Time
DID Direct Inward Dial Trunks
DISC # Disconnect Telephone Number
DLR Design Layout Record
DQTY Disconnect Quantity
DRC Design Routing Code
DSGCON Design/Engineering Contact
EASC Equal Access Service Center
EBD Effective Bill Date
EBP Extended Billing Plan
ECCKT Exchange Company Circuit ID
EDI Electronic Data Interchange.
EIS Expanded Interconnection Service
EMAIL Electronic Mail Address
ESF Extended Super Frame
EU End User Form
EUMI End User Moving Indicator
EXP Expedite
FA Feature Activity
FAX NO Facsimile Number
FBI Final Bill Information Indicator
FGD Feature Group D
FID Field Identifier
FOC Firm Order Confirmation
FPI Freeze PIC Indicator
FPOI Facility Point of Interconnection
HA Hunt Group Activity
HNTYP Hunting Type Code
HUNT SEQ Hunting Sequence
IC Interexchange Carrier
ICO Independent Company
ICONS Independent Company Number Services
ICSC Interexchange Customer Carrier Center
IMPCON Implementation Contact
INIT Initiator Identification
INP Interim Number Portability
INPT Interim Number Portability Type
INPTG Interim Number Portability Trunk Group
INPTG Interim Number Portability Trunk Group
INSAC Integrated Surveillance and Administration Center
IWBAN Inside Wire Bill Account Number
IWCON Inside Wire Contact
IWJK Inside Wire Jack Code
IWJQ Inside Wire Jack Quantity
IWO Inside Wiring Options
JK CODE Jack Code
JK NUM Jack Number
JK POS Jack Position
JR Jack Request
LCON Local Contact
LCSC The BellSouth Local Carrier Service Center
LEC Local Exchange Company
LERG Local Exchange Routing Guide
LIDB Line Information Database.
LNA Line Activity
LOA Letter of Agreement
LOCBAN Local Billing Account Number
LPIC IntraLATA Presubscription Indicator
LQTY Loop Quantity
LS Loop Service Form
LSINP Loop Service with Interim Number Portability Form
LSO Local Serving Office
LSP AUTH Local Service Provider Authorization
LSP AUTH DATE Local Service Provider Authorization Date
LSP AUTH NAME Local Service Provider Authorization Name
LSR Local Service Request Form
LSR NO Local Service Request Number
LST Local Service Termination
LTP Local Transport
MDF Main Distribution Frame
MLT Mechanized Loop Test
MOU Minutes of Use
NC Network Channel Code
NCI Network Channel Interface Code
NCI Network Channel Interface Code
NECA National Exchange Carrier Association
NFAS Non-Facility Associated Signaling
NID Network Interface Device
NIDR NID Request
NPQTY Interim Number Portability Quantity
NRC Non-Recurring Charge
NTIS National Technical Information Service
O C & C Other Charges and Credits
OBF Ordering and Billing Forum
OCN Operating Company Number
OPC Originating Point Codes
ORD Order Number
OSS Operator Service System
OTN Out Telephone Number
P/SIMS Products and Services Information Management System
PIC Predesignated Interexchange Carrier
PLU Percent Local Usage
POI Point of Interface
PON Purchase Order Number
PORTED # Ported Telephone Number
POT Point of Termination
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
PQTY Port Quantity
PROJECT Project Identification
PSC Public Services Commission
PUC Public Utilities Commission
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuits
RBDC Regional Birmingham Data Center
RC Recurring Charge
REF NUM Reference Number
REQTYP Requisition Type and Status
RORD Related Order Number
RPON Related Purchase Order Number
RS Resale Service Form
RSAG Regional Street and Address Guide
RSQTY Resale Quantity
RT Remote Terminal
RTI Route Index
RTR Response Type Requested
SAN Subscriber Authorization Number
SBILLNM Secondary Billing Name
SC Service Center
SCA Special Construction Authorization
SCP Signaling Control Point
SCP Service Control Point
SECNCI Secondary Network Channel Interface Code
SF Super Frame
SGNL Signaling
SI Service Interconnection
SIC Standard Industry Code
SOCS Service Order Completion System
SPEC Service and Product Enhancement Code
SPOI Signaling Point of Interface
STP Signal Transfer Point
SUP Supplement Type
SYSTEM ID System Identification
T & M Time and Materials
TAR County Taxing Area
TBE Toll Billing Exception
TC OPT Transfer of Call Options
TC PER Transfer of Calls Period
TC TO Transfer of Calls To
TCCD Telecommunications Center for Customers with Disabilities.
TCIF Telecommunications Industry Forum
TE Tax Exemption
TER Terminal Number
TN Telephone Number
TNP Total Number of Paths
TOPS Traffic Operating System
TOS Type of Service
TRFTYP Traffic Type
TSP Telecommunications Service Priority
TTT Transport Trunk Termination Code
UC Unbundled Channelization
UCI Unbundled Channel Interfaces
UDF Unbundled Dark Fiber
UDL Unbundled Digital Loop
UIT Unbundled Interoffice Transport
UIT-D Unbundled Interoffice Transport - Dedicated
UIT-S Unbundled Interoffice Transport - Shared
ULS Unbundled Local Switching
UNE Unbundled Network Elements
UPS Unbundled Packet Switching
UPS-CDS Unbundled Packet Switching - Connectionless Data Service
UPS-FR Unbundled Packet Switching - Frame Relay Service
UPS-SSI Unbundled Packet Switching - Switch to Switch Interface
USL Unbundled Sub-Loop
USOC Uniform Service Order Code
UTS Unbundled Tandem Switching
UTS-SF Unbundled Tandem Switching - Switching Functionality
UTS-TP Unbundled Tandem Switching - Trunk Port
UVL Unbundled Voice Loop
VEIS Virtual Expanded Interconnection Service
VER Version Identification
VTA Variable Term Agreement