ISG-Telecom is a CLEC consulting and regulatory firm that was founded in 1996, and since then our staff has been creating CLEC strategies in an effort to maximize profits for new entrants. Our primary focus is aiding clients in the CLEC certification process. During that time-frame, the ISG CLEC consultants and staff has helped thousands of entrants become CLEC’s and Inter-Exchange Carriers. We specialize in dealing with VoIP carriers and ISP's. If your business model calls for your firm to compete with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or other ILEC's/CLEC's then you have found the right website and regulatory/implementation consulting firm.

Our consulting staff combined with the retention of some of the best telecom attorney’s in the USA, when needed for certain jurisdictions, makes us the only choice for certifications with any PUC (Public Utility Commission) throughout the USA or the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). We offer turn key solutions to "become a CLEC". In 2008 we introduced international certifications for our clients wishing to do business in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Eastern Block. Our focus has been the same for twenty + years - "Get our clients certified in the shortest period of time with the least amount of energy on their part". We have a 100% track record for getting approvals and completing all certifications in
record time.

ISG-Telecom focuses on expedicious certifications for all companies. We
ONLY concentrate on “Next-Generation Telco’s” and end-to-end “Turn-key CLEC & IXC solutions” for VoIP carriers, ISP’s, Call Centers, cable companies and other utilities. Our regulatory and legal experts, project managers, consultants,
and strategic partners are "the glue that holds together the different levels of expertise" for those who are entering the telephony (CLEC-Competitive Local Exchange) business who need a regulatory (legal) and consulting firm to handle implementations on a timely basis.

We specialize in state PUC (Public Utility Commission) and Federal (Federal Communications Commission) certifications, broadband initiatives and grants/loans for rural deployments, local exchange, long distance and access tariffs, public disclosure documents, resale and interconnection agreements, NPA/NXX applications, ILEC account set-up and maintenance, billing, provisioning and obtaining all operating codes (OCN, IAC, ECC, CIC, RAO, NPA's, LRN's, etc.) for CLEC’s. ISG-Telecom can handle everything from the front end regulatory and legal work to
back office implementations, including the setup of the ILEC accounts, agreement negotiations, outsourced billing vendors and dealing with Neustar, Telcordia, NPAC, NAS & PAS. With a century of combined telecom experience, the ISG-Telecom TEAM can take the hassle & burden out of becoming a CLEC or IXC, Whether a client needs a turn-key solution or consulting with specific portions of a project, ISG-Telecom can and will HELP!

CONTACT US AT 727-641-5551 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.